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Each year we send you important notices—things like privacy practices, how to get certain types of care, and more. But we also want you to know what’s new from Kaiser Permanente to help make care more convenient. See it all in one place below.

Get on-demand care 24/7

We know that when you’re sick, you just want to feel better as quickly as possible. That’s why you now have access to care by phone or video, 24/7. Visit and choose “Phone visit now” or “Video visit now” for help with minor health concerns like cough, cold, sinus problems, back pain, rashes, cuts, sprains, urinary issues, and eye problems. Or use the KP app and select “Get Care Now.”

You’ll be asked to log in to your account and answer a few online questions about your symptoms. Then you’ll be offered options for the best way to get the care you need, such as an on-demand video visit or phone visit with the next available clinician. There’s no appointment needed, and no cost for most plans!

Your care, more coordinated

We’re always looking for ways to improve your care experience. Starting January 1, 2023, we’ll be guiding members to start with their PCP (or other primary care provider) when accessing most specialty care.* This will help you get the care you need, from the right provider, as quickly as possible — and in the way that’s most convenient and affordable for you. This will also help make specialty care appointments available sooner for those who need them.

Just call or go online to schedule an appointment as usual, and we’ll walk you through the best way to get the care you need.

  • For some specialties and conditions, you’ll be able to access specialty care appointments directly. If you’ve already been seen by a specialist for your condition in the past three years, you can continue to schedule specialty appointments for it directly. And you’ll still be able to schedule appointments directly for Dermatology, Behavioral Health, Ob/Gyn, Optometry, or Ophthalmology.
  • If you’re guided to a primary care visit first, this can often be handled quickly—and at no copay for most plans—through a phone or video visit, or even an online e-visit.
  • If you need specialty care, your primary care provider will coordinate that to make it seamless for you. They’ll connect you with the right specialist for your condition, plus order any labs or X-rays you need ahead of time—and let you know how to get those completed.

To help ensure a smooth experience, we’re testing the new process in Orthopedics, Cardiology, and Gastroenterology this year.  We look forward to being an even better partner in health!

Coordinating your care for a better experience

  • Get seen sooner via primary care
  • Save time, trips, and even a copay with virtual care (when appropriate)
  • Quicker access to specialty care when needed
  • Seamless specialty care, with labs, X-rays, etc. all coordinated ahead of time

*Does not apply to PPO or POS plans such as Dual Choice.

Schedule your back-to-school physicals

Got kids? Schedule your back-to-school physicals.

Now is a good time to make an appointment for your child’s back-to-school physical exam. Appointments for kids are in high demand near the end of the summer.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children 3 to 21 years old have physical exams every year. Children’s bodies grow and change so quickly that subtle symptoms can be easy to miss. Getting your kids checked out yearly means that some potential health problems can be identified before they turn serious.

Schedule an appointment online now or call 404-365-0966.

No-cost mental wellness apps

Improve your mental wellness
Try these apps at no cost!1

As a Kaiser Permanente member, you have access to three great mental wellness apps at no cost:

  • Calm– The #1 app for meditation and sleep — designed to help lower stress, reduce anxiety, and more.
  • MyStrength– Tailored programs for managing depression, stress, anxiety, and more.
  • Ginger– Immediate 1-on-1 support, available 24/7, for common challenges like stress, low mood, and more. Adult members can use Ginger for 90 days at no cost.

1The services described are not covered under your health plan benefits and are not subject to the terms set forth in your Evidence of Coverage or other plan documents. These services may be discontinued at any time without notice.

Find community resources

Here for your total health
Find community resources near you1

If you ever need help with your daily needs, it’s good to know where you can turn. Kaiser Permanente’s community resource directory is a convenient online tool to help you find services for healthy food, housing, child care, financial assistance, transportation, and more. Visit or call 1-800-443-6328 (TTY 711), Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

1The services described are not covered under your health plan benefits and are not subject to the terms set forth in your Evidence of Coverage or other plan documents. These services may be discontinued at any time without notice.

Skip the trip with Rx refills by mail

Order most prescription refills from the comfort of home by signing in to the KP app or visiting There’s no cost for shipping right to your home, and with most plans you can get a 90-day supply for just two copays. Members can now even get their insulin by mail.

Care Away from Home

Travel plans? Visit or call the Away from Home Travel Line at 951-268-3900* for 24/7 travel support anytime, anywhere. The website and our travel team will help you:

  • Learn how to refill an eligible prescription early or away from home
  • Find care in a Kaiser Permanente area
  • File a claim for reimbursement when you’re back

*This number can be dialed inside and outside the United States. Before the phone number, dial “001” for landlines and “+1” for mobile lines if you’re outside the country. Long-distance charges may apply, and we can’t accept collect calls. This phone line is closed on major holidays, and closes early the day before at 1 p.m. ET, and reopens the day after a holiday at 7 a.m. ET.

Annual Notices

Health care notices

Here’s how to view some important information and notices:

  • Find information about preventive, primary, specialty, and behavioral health care; your member rights; language services; nondiscrimination; privacy; and quality here.
  • Learn about hospital, emergency, urgent, and chronic conditions care and care when traveling. See the New Member Guide for your plan or your Evidence of Coverage (EOC).
  • For information about health coverage, costs, claims, and more click here.

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