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Learn more about how to get the right care—quickly and conveniently—for your situation.

Routine Care

An expected care need, such as:

  • Scheduled doctor visits
  • Recommended preventive screenings
  • Physical exams
  • Well-child checkups

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Urgent Care

An illness or injury that requires prompt medical attention, but is not an emergency medical condition. Examples of urgent care needs include:

  • Minor injuries like sprains or broken fingers/toes
  • Minor wounds needing stitches
  • Fever or severe sore throat
  • Ear aches
  • Minor breathing issues
  • Minor stomach pain

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Emergency Care

An emergency medical or psychiatric condition that requires immediate medical attention to prevent serious jeopardy to your health, such as:*

  • Chest pain or pressure that may move out to the arm, neck, back, shoulder, jaw, or wrist
  • Severe stomach pain that comes on suddenly
  • A sudden decrease in or loss of consciousness
  • Severe shortness of breath

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* List does not include all possible conditions. If you reasonably believe you have an emergency medical condition, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room. Unless using an Emory hospital, if you need care — including observation and admission — after your condition has been stabilized, you, a family member, or the hospital must call us at the preauthorization number on the back of your ID card first. (That way, we can coordinate future care, and if it makes sense based on your condition, arrange a transfer to a Kaiser Permanente Affiliated Hospital.) Otherwise, you may be responsible for the full cost of your post-stabilization care.

Inpatient Hospital Care

When your doctor schedules a procedure to be done at a hospital, you’ll be in good hands. You’ll have access to inpatient care at some of Atlanta’s most well-respected hospitals, including Emory Decatur Hospital, Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital, Northside Hospital, Piedmont Hospital, Gwinnett Medical Center, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, and Athens Regional Medical Center. At many of these locations, you’ll get care from a Kaiser Permanente doctor who has access to your medical record. Your personal physician will decide which facility is best for you.

While traveling or away at school

When you’re temporarily in another Kaiser Permanente region, you can get visiting member benefits — like coverage for routine or specialty care from our providers. Not in a Kaiser Permanente region? You’re still covered for emergency and urgent care. For information, call our 24/7 Travel Line at 951-268-3900* or visit

*If outside the United States, dial the U.S. country code “001” for land lines and “+1” for mobile before the phone number. Long-distance charges may apply and we cannot accept collect calls. This phone line is closed on major holidays.

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