Why Kaiser Permanente?

Healthcare made simple

You won’t have to coordinate with your doctors, specialists, pharmacies, hospitals, and other caregivers because it’s all connected. You can continue to see most specialists without a referral, and will rarely have to file claims—less paperwork!

Unmatched convenience

Save time and trips by getting care at our 26 state of-the-art Kaiser Permanente medical facilities. You can see your doctor, plus get labs, X-rays, and prescriptions all under one roof.

Same-day care

With same-day phone or video appointments, you can get care quickly, without even making a trip to the doctor’s office.* You also have access to 24/7 advanced urgent care and 24/7 nurse advice by phone.

To learn more about Kaiser Permanente, check out the 2020 Open Enrollment brochure here.

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*When appropriate and available.