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Header image of two men running in Piedmont park with the headline, "more activity, healthier you."

Small steps to moving more

Regular physical activity can build strength and stamina, boost energy, improve sleep and generally help you feel better — both physically and mentally. Whether you’re just getting started or looking to try something new, check out these resources for Kaiser Permanente members.

Virtual and in-person workouts

  • Unlimited on-demand video workouts at no cost
  • Reduced rates on in-person fitness classes

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Discounts on gyms and gear

  • Get access to more than 11,000 gyms with one membership.
  • Get reduced rates on a variety of fitness, health, and wellness products.

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Corporate Run, Walk & Roll

  • Sign up for the Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run Walk & Roll Fitness Program through your employer, or on our site.

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Quick tips

  • Start with an activity you enjoy, such as walking.
  • Think of ways to sneak that activity into your daily routine: choose a parking spot farther from the door or walk to a restroom farther away, for example.
  • Add physical activity to other things you enjoy doing: invite co-workers for a walk at lunch, or listen to a podcast or audio book while you walk after work.
  • Focus on small goals. Achieving small objectives can fuel progress to your ultimate activity goal.
  • Make your goals specific and write them down. Post your targets in a highly visible spot at home or work to keep them top-of-mind.
  • Reward yourself when you reach a goal. Buy new running shoes or a new piece of workout equipment to celebrate and re-energize you to achieve new goals.

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