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Kaiser Permanente in the Community

Kaiser Permanente is committed to helping shape the future of health care. To do that, we know we must focus on the impact we can have on our community at home and its tireless workers who care for our well-being, day in and day out. We recognize that the health of our community is so much more than physically healing a broken bone or prescribing medications. That’s why we are making financial contributions starting with housing and education.


Kaiser Permanente supports training and developing nurses to make a healthy difference. We understand more nurses means more trained advocates for care, resulting in better health outcomes in our communities. Providing access to education and training empowers individuals, creating real opportunities to thrive. That’s why we’re partnering with local colleges and universities and investing $100,000 in scholarships for nursing students and graduate loan repayments.

Kaiser Permanente is funding scholarships for students at these Atlanta institutions in 2022:

Georgia Gwinnett College provides financial assistance for nursing students, faculty retention through graduate loan repayments, and Student Success Coach that provides mentoring for students and faculty. Together these activities will lead to faculty retention, student success and increased health professionals in the workforce.

Grant amount: $25,000

Georgia State University Nursing Program will provide scholarship support to students across Georgia State’s nursing programs.

Grant amount: $25,000

Clayton State University will receive scholarships to Support Nursing Student Success, providing financial assistance to nursing students through the KAISER nursing scholarship.

Grant amount: $25,000

Kennesaw State University and the Kaiser Permanente Fostering Nursing Faculty and Student Excellence at KSU grant promotes quality nursing education by providing scholarships for five deserving undergraduate and graduate nursing students as well as professional education in innovative teaching methods to approximately eight faculty.

Grant amount: $25,000


Kaiser Permanente is committed to helping shape the future of health care. We understand that good health begins where people live. So, we’re partnering with local organizations and investing more than $1 million in grants to serve Metro Atlanta communities.

Kaiser Permanente has an ongoing commitment to end homelessness and preserve affordable housing by making strategic grants, shaping policy, and catalyzing innovative partnerships.

The metro Atlanta organizations that Kaiser Permanente will help fund in 2022 are:

Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership, Inc. will support the “2022-2023 Affordable Housing Investment in South DeKalb County and Clayton County” initiative, which will provide 30 single-family for-sale homes and single-family rental properties to primarily Black low- to moderate-income families and down payment assistance (DPA) for five additional families.

Grant amount: $200,000

Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation’s (AVLF) will help staff and volunteer attorneys to meet their clients where they are – their homes, schools, and community centers – to provide support for rental assistance, eviction prevention, and other legal services to keep families in their homes.

Grant amount: $200,000

Westside Future Fund will support quality cradle-to-career education and affordable housing for vulnerable residents of Atlanta’s Historic Westside. Westside Future Fund will implement short- and long-term efforts by constructing a new multifamily housing complex and providing rental assistance to stabilize families in need.

Grant amount: $200,000

Partners for HOME will support the goal of ending homelessness for 250 veterans in the City of Atlanta. Partners for HOME will employ a team of project managers targeting veterans and will work with direct service providers to devise a plan to end homelessness for this special population in collaboration with Community Solution’s Built for Zero program.

Grant amount: $150,000

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