Kaiser Permanente TransforMe Weight Loss

Welcome to TransforMe.

A virtual weight management program from Kaiser Permanente

TransforMe is Kaiser Permanente’s medically supervised, comprehensive virtual weight management program designed to help you take control of your weight. TransforMe is a game changer if you are at least 40 pounds overweight and have struggled with fad diets/weight-loss plans not built for the long haul.

Through our virtual platform, we give you the support, nutrition, and lifestyle education to not only lose weight, but also maintain your weight loss beyond the program. Once enrolled, login from your home or office using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, and access carefully planned education sessions, support sessions, remote weigh-ins, and check-ins with your care team with minimal trips to the doctor’s office. While there will be some instances where you will physically come into the medical office for visits with your care team, most of the program is virtual—from the safety and comfort of your home.

When you start TransforMe, you’ll follow a custom path based on your needs and health care team’s recommendations. This one-year program includes three phases:

TransforMe Phase 1

During this phase of TransforMe, you’ll eat a diet designed by us that consists of meal replacements and food depending on your specific needs. You’ll attend weekly virtual group classes to provide support and help you think differently about food and physical activity as well as give you the skills to help you make important lifestyle changes.

Our bariatricians, dietitians, fitness instructors and behavior health specialists will work with you individually and as part of a group to help you tailor the plan to meet your needs.

TransforMe Phase 2

In this phase, you’ll gradually re-introduce self-prepared foods into your diet. You’ll be fully equipped with the knowledge on how and what to eat by your continued attendance in weekly sessions with us.

In addition, you’ll have one-on-one meetings with our registered dietitians to design a personalized food plan to take you into phase 3.

TransforMe Phase 3

You will continue to attend ongoing virtual support sessions adapted to your lifestyle and goals–whether that is to lose more weight or maintain your weight loss long-term. Group leaders will help you select a food plan based on your preferences and metabolism. Our behavior health specialists will continue to help you identify psychological barriers and develop skills and abilities to assist with long-term weight control. We will also guide and connect you to resources that will increase your activity and fitness levels. Unlike other programs, TransforMe is personalized to meet your needs as they evolve.

Program Features and Pricing

Time commitment 1 year
Cost $750

*Discounted cost for participants ages 65-70:  $600
*Discounted cost for Kaiser Permanente employees: $600

Active weight loss 12 Weeks; 1 in person group meeting and 12 virtual group meetings
Transition 6 weekly virtual group meetings
Lifestyle bimonthly and monthly virtual group meetings
Meal replacement partial, individualized to your body weight and metabolism
Total Group visits 30+
Doctor visits (in-person and virtual) 7
Average weight loss 10% of starting weight

Get Started

If you are interested in learning more about TransforMe, we invite you to attend a virtual information session. Please call Kaiser Permanente Georgia member services at 404-365-0966 and ask to be scheduled for a TransforMe Virtual Information Session. Information sessions are held several times a month.

Get started: 404-365-0966


Kaiser Permanente members are likely candidates for TransforMe if they have a BMI of 30 or greater; 27 or greater with comorbidities. Candidates must be between ages 18 and 70 and not currently pregnant, breastfeeding, being treated for cancer, advanced liver, thyroid or kidney disease and willing to commit the time to this one-year program

Interested Kaiser Permanente members will attend a virtual information session to learn about TransforMe and Kaiser Permanente’s approach to weight management. After the session, interested members will be screened to ensure they meet program requirements.  If eligible, candidates will schedule for an appointment with a Kaiser Permanente bariatrician to enroll in TransforMe.

More information

This program is not covered by your Kaiser Permanente benefits, so there is a fee to Participate. All fees are non-refundable after you start the program. Individual results may vary.

For more information call:

Call 404-365-0966