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No matter what kind of care you need, we’ve got you covered!

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In-person routine and specialty care

At most Kaiser Permanente offices, you can see a doctor or specialist, plus get labs, X-rays and prescriptions all under the same roof. Same-day primary care appointments are even available at many locations. And you won’t need a referral to see any of our specialists.

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Urgent care

When you want to see a doctor quickly (but it’s not an emergency), you have access to more than 80 urgent care locations. Get walk-in urgent care any day, any time at one of our three Kaiser Permanente 24/7 Advanced Care Centers. Or if those aren’t nearby, choose from about 90 affiliated urgent care centers, some with evening and weekend hours.

Learn more and find locations here.

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Getting your prescriptions

You have access to the pharmacies at Kaiser Permanente medical offices throughout metro Atlanta. For information about getting started and getting refills, click here.