Bark Madness 2024 – Finalists


Introducing Shaq, the furry, mostly friendly, resource depleting threat to this year’s Bark Madness! Shaq Daddy joins the ranks at 1′ 7″ and 12 lbs with an insatiable appetite for Shaq-a-roni sized bowls of kibble and an unstoppable ability to sleep on keyboards. Shaq’s pre-season average of 23 unintentionally deleted emails per week positions him for a dominant rookie season. CAN YOU DIG IT!!!

Chica and Torta

Chica and Torta love to jump on the ledge outside of my window while I work  – they stare at me and cluck away, makes it hard to keep a straight face during video meetings!  They come when I call them and they give us the gift of eggs each morning.   


Alamo is the Queen of not being able to have nice things and an avid collector of sticks from the yard

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